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Dear Business Owner,

A few years ago you took out a loan and spent your savings, determined to own your own business. You built it by hand. The business paid your mortgage, fed your family, and even sent the kids to college.

Now it’s time for a change. It’s time to move on, retire, find a new business, or focus on the family. You may have already taken an enormous step towards selling your business. You are certainly ready to weigh all your options.

You may have already had a conversation with a business broker or consultant who spent hours of your time explaining in detail how wonderful he was and how only the best and the brightest have the pleasure and honor of working with him. And best of all, he can sell anything … at the right price.

Did you notice he was standing alone?

My grandfather told this story about a horse doctor who while delivering devastating news to the farmer that his mare wouldn’t survive the night, suffering from a traumatic illness, offered to “put the mare down,” for a mere $25.

The farmer grumbled, “Why would I pay you to shoot my own horse?”

Question: What is the definition of a consultant?
Answer: He's a guy who takes your watch off your wrist and tells you what time it is...

The first problem is that it isn’t his problem. He wants to get paid to solve your problem, which is alright for most people and a good way to make a living. But you are one of those few business owners are exactly what reads on the label, business owners. You own the business, and the problem. You can probably solve your own problems. You’ve been doing it for years.

Consultants avoid straight talk. They feed on jargon. While they are "framing the situation," they are framing you for their trophy wall. If they say anything like, "Let me get straight to the point." He's heading straight for your wallet.

The second issue at hand is that your business is not big enough to accommodate a six figure a year consultant. It’s a good decent business and respectable income. But you’re not moving mountains, you’re serving coffee, storing goods or providing services to your local economy.

The commission structure alone would eat up the net proceeds of the sale leaving you with more debt than net. And you can’t just increase the price of your sale, or you’ll risk out pricing your market.

"Consulting is like dissing a really pretty girl so that she'll want you more." — Marty Con, House of Lies

Your business may not attract the level of respect and attention from a pricey broker.

The vast majority of small business owners have an enterprise earn on average $96k per year. The net worth averages under $250K, in fact the average may be around $180K. (Source:

You broker knows that he’ll only sell 1 out of every 6 businesses that he listed. If he earns a 10% commission on each sale, that would be $18K spread out over 6 clients, or $3K per client. If he expects to make over $120K per year, his attention span would be about 1.5 weeks for each new client.

Your mileage may vary. Then again, He may have required a retainer against cost, advertising, modeling, creative media development, et al. He already knows what to expect.


? Only 20% of businesses listed eventually sell.

? Business brokers are only involved in 10% of the small businesses that sell.

? Only 10% of the people looking for a business ultimately purchase a business.

? Sellers usually finance between 25% and 50%.

? Only 10% of businesses sold are for cash.

"You never ever trust anyone until you know their angle."
— Marty Con, House of Lies

If a buyer contacts the broker intent on buying your business after seeing the advertising you’ve paid for, the broker may just re-direct the buyer's attention to a larger package he has hidden under his portfolio.

In six months’ time, you’ve spent thousands of dollars in marketing and advertising with nothing to show for it. The broker doesn’t have the time to return calls. He’s selling someone else.

The broker’s first suggestion is to lower the price. He’s already discounted the price of your business in order to give him a quick sale. Knowing the rate of returns, he makes as much money selling a $100,000 business package in two months, as he would selling a $120,000 business package in 3 months.

In his mind, he has already earned his retainer and now he’s only making time on commissions, and $1,000 isn’t enough for him to spend any more time trying to fix your problem.

The playbook is simple, effective and has all the hall marks of a
con game called "Shake, Rattle and Roll."

Step 1: Get Their Attention

Step 2: Intensify Their Fears

Step 3: Aggravate Their Confusion

Step 4: Grab Their Checkbook

With all the aggravation, misdirection, and delays - you are thinking that you could have done just a well on your own. All you really needed was a descent marketing plan and media kit.

Those Who Can - Do.
Those Who Can't - Teach.
Those Who Can't Teach, Consult...

Before you dive in to all the amazing promises of a business broker, ask them for referrals. But not the referrals they have lined up for your inspection. You should be asking for past clients with whom they have sold business for and to. If you need to dig a bit further, ask if you can call on their current listings. See how open and friendly they get.

They don't care about the results. In the end, you are no longer the customer. They have moved on to the next willing victim, and a wiling victim is what they are hunting for. that is their prey, what they feed on. someone who doesn't know, doesn’t understand, and isn't willing to do the work to get there.

Do It Yourself!
FSBO - For Sale By Owner!

For a few dollars, and a little help, you can do this yourself. Saving thousands of dollars, money and aggravation.

1) We will develop your marketing package that uses simple and understandable language that you can deliver to your own prospective buyers.

If it is for a hair extensions, if you get a bangs hairstyle after the clip in hair extensions, will it be more interesting! Girls who have not yet grown bangs can actually try hair wigs bangs! A nice wig bangs Hair style can make you feel remy hair extensions more lovely!

2) Using traditional methods and trade practices to re-cast your financials, provide market data and forecast, to provide a reasonable purchase price and expectations for sale.

3) The package will be delivered in full confidence and acknowledgement that you are the sole proprietor of the information provided.

4) You will also receive a step by step guide to attracting prospective buyers to you business without the costly mistake of making the sale known to the public.

Providing a simple Business Profile is the most effective way to communicate your unique business opportunity.

Business Profile Advisor

Starts with the most rudimentary data and working down to the core of your operations that defines what makes your company unique in the market place. We cover any negative aspects while highlighting the positive features.

Included is your company’s ideas, mission statement, or company vision, guiding ethos, and a little about your history. Telling who you are and what drives you gives your company a human element. It also gives you a chance to do some subtle advertising early on.

Than diving into specific details like: number of employees, turnover, business activities, equipment or specialties, certifications or licenses, imports/exports, volume of output, prospective clients, delivery stats, and major accounts or clients.

Your Market Report must be doable - limit the blue-sky jargon to a minimum.

Market Data

This service is looking for disruptive innovations that are in fact "doable". We beat blue-sky down with a hammer. The amount of marketing jargon is kept to a minimum while discussing market movements that may improve your company's position.

The Market Report covers the servicing area both online and offline customer base. Potential clients and marketplaces yet to be discovered and historical areas that have been explore and possibly exhausted.

We also explore the whole market discovering weak points and strong points that may expose areas of potential growth.

A tailored market forecast that is readily available from a host of data providers is important for buyers who wants to maximize their upside potential, minimize their downside risk.

Typical businesses are valued at 2 or 3 times EBITDA or Cash Flow.

Business Valuation

Business valuations are based in part on the purpose of the valuation. Factors must be determined for each industry and specific businesses within that industry, and even more specific factors contributing to the valuation of a particular business.

We provide a valuation overview of the company to include re-casting three years of financial data and to extract the owner benefit and true value. While not an exhaustive valuation as provided by a CPA or accounting firm, yet provides clarity and confirmation of your company’s value.

Advertising Plan

Advertising Plan includes the times, dates, and places you should be advertising your business for sale. There are hundreds of web sites and venues that you could choose from, buy there are only a few that are really effective in selling your business.

We will develop and deliver an advertising plan and that simple and easy to execute along with three sets of ad copy that you can use in various placements.

An effective Ad Plan is worth $1,200 alone and will save you thousands!

Closing Documents

Irrespective of any Broker/Dealer relationship, the sellers and buyers themselves are the principals in the sale, and business brokers (and the principal broker′s agents) are their agents as defined in the law.

Even though a business broker commonly fills out the offer to purchase form, agents are typically not given power of attorney to sign the offer to purchase or the closing documents; the principals sign these documents. The respective business brokers may include their brokerages on the contract as the agents for each principal.

Regardless if you are using a broker, you are responsible for the transfer of goods, materials, and deliverables. We can provide any and all closing documents for the transfer of your business to another owner.

Add it up, and these services alone would cost you upwards of $10,000, and actively demonstrates to your potential buyers the strength of your company and the opportunities provided.

Plus, give yourself the ability to...

Control the sales process.

Guarantee delivery of the advertising you've paid for.

And monitor all of the prospecting activities personally.

What's more you'll NEVER have to worry about...

And, best of all, you can do all this WITHOUT having to listen to another excuse from a broker as to why your business isn't selling, or why he hasn't returned a phone call in over a month.

Not to mention, start taking all the strenuous and stressful "guesswork" out of your most important decision...

Leaving you more time for the things that matter most to you — like your family... your career... or even your favorite hobby (be it traveling... reading... writing... hiking... surfing... golfing... volunteering... playing bridge... collecting cars... or you name it!)

The point is that with you WON'T have to...

Spend hours reading through the dozens of reports and recommendations searching for market data remotely related to your business...

Dig through balance sheets... pore over tedious financial statements... or try to decipher complex P/L reports...

Analyze competitive advantages...

or keep tabs on your broker...

Me and my team of die-hard, ultra-passionate business writers will work tirelessly to do all the "heavy lifting" for you — so you don't have to!

We give you the utmost confidence and ability to represent yourself and your own interest in selling your business.

Your personal business evaluation report will be based on Cash Flow, Assets and Concurrent Market Rate or Fair Price.

Typical businesses are valued at 2 or 3 times EBITDA or Cash Flow. We will also include, ′Added Backs′ to the owner′s profit or ′Benefit to the Owner′, that may include, property, insurance, vehicles, duel use equipment and inventory.

Concurrent Market Rate includes factors such as, what have other like business sold for in recent past, considering the type and size of the business, the specific industry, location, clientele, buyer willing to pay, and other relevant factors specific to the industry or business.

The Step-By-Step Process starts with:

  • a 30-minute introductory phone conversation
  • We sign a mutual confidential agreement
  • You send us your business documents, plan, executive summary, balance sheets, P/Ls
  • We create an outline of your profile and expectations
  • In depth interview, usually over the phone
  • We deliver the first draft of Business Evaluation package
  • You provide comments and any corrections that are needed
  • Finial finished documents are delivered to your inbox

We will also provide a step by step procedural guide to advertise and represent yourself in a business transfer transaction.

And can provide you with your finial documents for closing

Evaluating Risk:

The most important factor in determining the value of the business is a candid Risk Assessment that includes, but not limited to:

  • Years in business and with the current owner
  • Profit trend
  • Quality of books and records
  • Franchise membership
  • Brand recognition/ strength
  • Level of competition
  • Dependence on current owner
  • Diversification of customer base
  • Lease length and terms
  • Asset value

Seller′s Discretionary Earnings

Some businesses have a valuation equal to the seller′s discretionary earnings (SDE) while other businesses are valued at five (or more) times that amount. An important reason in determining the multiple of SDE is the industry which the business is part of. Certain industries are more desirable than others. Factors influencing desirability include:

  • The fun & ease of operating the business
  • Location
  • Facilities
  • Employee relations
  • Operating hours
  • Growth potential

Important Factors affecting the sale of a business include:

  • Established Financial Records
  • Reasonable Buyer and Seller Expectations
  • Assets & Inventory, Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E)
  • Clean & Well Maintained Facilities, Equipment
  • Seller Investment in the Terms - Financing or Training.
  • Earnest & Candid Seller
  • Predictable Earnings & Net profits
  • Return on Investment - ratio of earnings to investment
  • Operating Cost Percentage, Fixed vs. Variable
  • Owner′s Benefits
  • Established Customers Goodwill
  • Future Business and Growth Rate
  • Established Suppliers and Credit Lines
  • Established Operating and Accounting Procedures
  • Appeal & Ease of Operation
  • Risk & Liability
  • Knowledgeable Employees
  • Location, Lease
  • Patents or Trade Secrets
  • Financing

Which brings us to a very important question you might be asking yourself about now...

Do you really need a Broker in order to sell your business?

As far as we're concerned, the only person who can — and should — be answering that question is YOU.

I've done our best to give you some idea of how Buy Sell 4 Business works and what you can expect to gain from our experience.

Nonetheless, we know it's a big decision. And we know that many find that once going through the process and seeing the reports for their themselves, they reverse their decision to sell.

Frankly, we think that's great! But not something a broker would allow you to do.

After reviewing your evaluation and profile, you are under no obligation to list your company for sale! You are in complete control, it's your decision.

But we also know that a significant number of business owners are starting to get a little more serious about controlling their business environment and decisions that impact their income for themselves and their families...

Just how big a bargain is this? Have a look for yourself...

Complete Business Profile Advisor: $1,500
Market Analysis: $1,500
Business Evaluation: $2,500
Complete Advertising Plan: $1,000
Standard price: $6,500
Your special discount: $3,000
Your total BuySell4Business Pkg (without obligation) today: $3,500
Closing Documents are provided for and priced on an as needed basis.

And don't forget, once you factor in the credit you'll get from the BuySell4Business you just purchased, the amount you pay for closing documents will actually be even less (don't worry, this will all be taken care of for you when we deliver the closing documents)...

Call during normal office hours and schedule your first 30 min interview. There we can decide the best way to move forward. I'm eager to serve, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, at:

(281) 406-0729

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